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New exhibition invades Ulster

Date Posted: 05/12/2010

A new exhibition Native, Visitor or Invader? at the Ulster Museum will explore Ireland’s native species and migrant visitors, while highlighting the serious threats they face from non-native ‘invaders’.

The exhibition, located in the Nature Zone runs until September, and will focus primarily on birds and mammals, and showcase native species, migrant visitors and non-native invaders.

Promising a fascinating and topical exhibition, visiting groups may be surprised by some of the non-native species featured, such as the rabbit, which was introduced centuries ago by the Normans.

After habitat destruction, invasive species are reportedly the second most important factor in the loss of biodiversity worldwide. Native, Visitor or Invader? aims to dispel some of the widely-held perceptions regarding Ireland’s native and non-native species.

Admission to the Ulster Museum is free.

For further information or to arrange a visit, telephone: 0845-608 0000 or log on to

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