New coach drop off points in Shrewsbury

Date Posted: 15/02/2015

The addition of three drop off points in the Anglo-Saxon town will come as welcome relief to Shropshire-based GTOs.

Building on its coach-friendly status, awarded in 2012, Shrewsbury now offers even more to groups travelling by coach thanks to the introduction of three new drop off points.

The drop-offs at Shoplatch, Dog Pole and St Chads are now open and ensure coaches will be within a ten minute walk of some of the city’s key attractions.

St Chads presents a drop off point capable of providing quick and easy access to the Shrewsbury Flower Show, located within the Quarry and Dingle Gardens.

Shoplatch & Dog Pole, meanwhile, are both situated in the centre of Shrewsbury, allowing for further exploration of the historic town’s Medieval passages and independent shops.

Shrewsbury itself currently has two coach parks offering free parking, located near the popular sites of the Theatre Severn and Shrewsbury Abbey.

For more information on visiting Shrewsbury visit

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