New additions to Blenheim’s Butterfly House

Date Posted: 19/02/2015

Blenheim Palace’s Butterfly House has been subject to its own metamorphosis, welcoming more than two hundred new arrivals this February.

In a riot of colour, more than 200 native and exotic butterflies have been released into Blenheim Palace’s newly renovated butterfly house, where they will share their home with a colony of Zebra Finch.

Among the dozens of exotic species brought in were samples from Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

In addition, around 180 pupae from Africa and the Philippines have also been placed in the Butterfly House’s hatchery area.

Thanks to this, between February and 20th December this year, visitors to Blenheim will be able to see the specimens develop within their chrysalises before being released into the main area, where the various species can be studied up-close.

Blenheim Palace’s garden staff has also planted a wide variety of nectar-rich flowers including marguerite, black eyed Susan's, hydrangea and hibiscus to greet the new arrivals.

Head of gardens, Hilary Wood, said: “It's an amazing sight to see the house filled with exotic butterflies once again and we're expecting many more to hatch out over the coming days.”

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