New Windwheel attraction planned for Rotterdam

Date Posted: 30/06/2015

A striking new landmark called the Dutch Windwheel will soon appear on the Rotterdam skyline.

Details about the new Dutch Windwheel attraction, planned for Rotterdam, have been released. The eye-catching new landmark will consist of two three-dimensionally arranged rings with an open steel and glass construction.

The foundations of the landmark will be underwater to give the impression that it is floating on the surface of the water.

The outer ring of the building will function as a giant Ferris wheel with 40 cabins.

Visitors will be able to take a 30-minute interactive cinema trip on one of the outer rings where they will see a panoramic view of Rotterdam and its surrounding area while learning about the history of Dutch water management.

Each cabin will accommodate up to 30 people and will be equipped with ‘smart walls,’ with holograms serving as virtual tour guides.

The inner ring will be an innovative windmill which will host a hotel, a restaurant, apartments and commercial events in its plinth.

The exact opening date has yet to be revealed but information updates can be found on the landmark’s website.

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