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New Arctic and Antarctic cruise experiences

Date Posted: 12/01/2011

Adventure travel operator, Gap Adventures, has introduced a number of new features for its 2011/2012 Arctic and Antarctica cruise season.

For thrill-seeking groups, Gap Adventures now offers sea kayaking in the Arctic and Antarctic, providing an opportunity to get up close and personal with the native wildlife. Groups can also follow in the footsteps of bold explorers with the chance to camp out and experience Antarctica at night. All excursions must be pre-arranged.

Travelling onboard the MS Expedition, passengers can explore the array of wintry wildlife, and stunning scenery of narrow waterways, glaciers, icebergs and rugged mountains. Those who wish to pro-long their cruise can also book extensions and add-ons pre or post-cruise. Antarctica extensions enable passengers to experience Easter Island, explore Chile and Argentina, or travel to the heart of the Amazon. Arctic add-ons allow groups to visit Longyearbyen and Oslo.

New on-board features aiming to enhance the passenger experience include free destination cruising guides and a complimentary pair of wellington boots.

For further information telephone: 0844-272 2040 or log onto

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