National Theatre welcomes Alan Bennett’s People over winter

Date Posted: 04/09/2012

People, a new play by Alan Bennett, opens at the National Theatre’s Lyttelton Theatre on the 7th November, running until the 9th February.

Directed by Nicholas Hytner, and with a cast led by Frances de la Tour, Selina Cadell and Linda Bassett, the production will be Alan Bennett’s sixth play for the London venue.


A sale? Why not? Release all your wonderful treasures onto the open market and they are there for everyone to enjoy. It’s a kind of emancipation, a setting them free to range the world… a saleroom here, an exhibition there; art, Lady Stacpoole, is a rover.

People spoil things; there are so many of them and the last thing one wants is them traipsing through one’s house. But with the park, a jungle and a bath on the billiard table, what is one to do?  Dorothy wonders if an attic sale could be a solution.

Information for group travel organisers

General booking for People opens on the 24th September, and groups of between eight and 11 receive a £2 discount from the top two price tickets, groups of between 12 and 19 receive a £4 discount from the top two price tickets, and 20 or more people receive a £6 discount from the top two price tickets plus one free ticket for the group organiser.

For further group travel information contact:

020-7452 3010

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