NMM’s Measuring the Universe

Date Posted: 08/12/2011

The Royal Observatory Greenwich at London’s National Maritime Museum is hosting a new exhibition to celebrate next summer’s rare astronomical event, the Transit of Venus. Measuring the Universe will be running from March until August.

The 5th June 2012 sees the last Transit of Venus for 115 years. Transits take place only when Venus passes directly between the Earth and the Sun, appearing as a tiny black dot against the bright solar disk. After this there will not be another until December 2117.

Measuring the Universe will explore the ways in which astronomers have tried to understand the size of the cosmos, and how each new breakthrough has made the Earth seem ever smaller. The exhibition will be accompanied by a programme of talks, planetarium shows and special events.

For further information or to book a group trip telephone: 020-8312 6608 or visit http://www.nmm.ac.uk/

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