Mystery, magic and medicine at The Power of Poison exhibition

Date Posted: 19/03/2015

The Power of Poison exhibition will open at the Old Truman Brewery, London on 16th May.

The exhibition invites visitors to explore the role of poison in nature, myth and human health through interactive components models, multimedia and live animals.

Groups will encounter some of history’s most puzzling poisoning cases and be encouraged to solve mysteries. There will also be a live theatre presentation that visitors are invited to take part in, to help unravel a real-world case of poisoning.

The exhibition will have five main sections:

Poison in nature – Walking through Columbia’s Choco Forest groups can observe toxic species of plants and animals.

Poison in myth and legend – Visitors will look at stories of dramatic poisonings, such as Witches of Macbeth and Snow White, and discover the elements of truth in these tales.

Detecting poison – A Victims and Villains Gallery will highlight how, from Cleopatra to Napoleon, history is filled with famous poisonings, many of which remain unsolved.

Poison by accident – Groups are tasked with investigating evidence, comparing clues and weeding out red herrings to find out what poisoned a dog, an owl and Captain Cook.

Poison for good – Toxins extracted from plants and animals, including venoms, are being studied to treat conditions such as high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis and cancer. Here, groups will have the chance to explore how poisons are increasingly becoming beneficial to humanity.

The Power of Poison exhibition runs until 6th September.

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