Mountain biking in Ecuador

Date Posted: 02/09/2012

Active groups can discover the stunning landscapes of Quito, Ecuador with new mountain biking routes across the city.

Mountain biking is promoted as one of the best ways to take in the city sites, and the new routes will explore its wildlife, scenic and historic highlights.

Group travel organisers can choose to explore one or more of the following routes:

Nono-Alaspungo (medium-high level of difficulty): Located in the cloud forest, witness the local nature and wildlife on this 26-kilometre round-trip, including colourful hummingbirds and unique vegetation. Reach Nono-Alaspungo via the Western Avenue, following the Eco route to the neighbourhood of Iron Ore, then up to the central park of Nono.

Lloa-Palmira (high level of difficulty): Journey to the hot springs of Palmira on the 24-kilometre round-trip. From here enjoy picturesque mountain views. The route takes mountain biking groups from Avenue Mariscal Sucre through to the Mena 2 for Central Park Lloa. 

Cinto-Torouco-Cruz Loma; Libertadores Route (high difficulty level): Also known as the historic route, this was where the Battle of Pichincha took place. Enjoy the Andean highlands and panoramic views of southern Quito. The 42-kilometre round-trip follows the Mariscal Sucre Avenue through the entrance to Mena 2.

Groups embarking on any of these new biking routes can take respite at the variety of eco-stops along the way, with the chance to sample the local cuisine.

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