Magic Worlds revealed at the Museum of Childhood

Date Posted: 29/08/2011

On display from the 8th October until the 4th March at the V&A Museum of Childhood in London, Magic Worlds delves into the realms of fantasy, illusion and enchantment, revealing how magic has been embraced for hundreds of years.

This exhibition explores the world of fairytales and fantasy literature, the history and origins of magic, and how themes of magic have influenced many artists and writers.

It aims to take visiting groups on a journey into miniature magical worlds, complete with witches, wizards, fairies and magical creatures. Objects on display include costumes, tricks, illusions, film merchandise, optical toys, paintings, ceramics, otherworldly dolls, puppets and illustrated books, together with interactive hands-on activities.

Groups of ten or more people planning a visit to the Museum of Childhood are advised to book in advance. A range of guided tours are also available and can be tailored to suit individual group needs.

For further information or to arrange a visit, telephone: 020-8983 5205 or log on to

Photo credit: © V&A Images. Abracadabra Conjuring Set, Suprex, England 1955-1965

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