Live butterflies exhibit at the Natural History Museum

Date Posted: 17/01/2013

The Natural History Museum in London comes alive this summer with new exhibit Sensational Butterflies, running from29th March to 15th September.

From chomping caterpillars to beautiful butterflies, group travel organisers can take parties to experience the magic and beauty of these creatures as part of its new outdoor exhibition, held in the tropical butterfly house on the museum’s east lawn.

The exhibition includes live specimens, games, and interactive displays to take you through the life cycle of a butterfly; watch hungry caterpillars hatch by your side and witness hundreds of striking butterflies and moths fluttering above your head.

Groups can come face-to-face with species from all over the globe including the swallowtail, the blue morpho, the moon moth and many more originating from Africa, south east Asia and north and South America.

Other highlights include:

•    An outdoor butterfly garden with tips on how to attract butterflies and create your own butterfly garden at home.
•    The chance to watch butterflies emerge from their chrysalises through the hatchery window.
•    Tips and advice from the butterfly house manager.

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