Live Doctor Who adventure plays in Ipswich

Date Posted: 16/04/2012

Punchdrunk’s live Doctor Who adventure, The Crash of The Elysium, plays in Ipswich from the 15th June to 8th July as part of the London 2012, New Wolsey Theatre and Ipswich Arts Festivals.

Based on an original idea by Steven Moffat, the show promises a blend of magic, excitement and adventure, where the audience is the star.

With no stage or seating, and no division between actors and theatre-goers; the audience is at the heart of the action, driving the story forward.

Performances are 60 minutes long and will take place at Crown Street Car Park.

Groups are required to book, and should register 15 minutes before their allotted entry time. There will be three show categories, including school performances for ages eight to 12 years; family performances for ages seven to 12 years; and ‘after dark’ shows for ages 13 plus.

For further group travel information or to book visit

Photo credit: Tristram Kenton


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