Life behind the headlines: Withdraw to open at IWM North

Date Posted: 10/02/2015

A bold exhibition will detail the daily lives of citizens in war-torn Afghanistan, after the cameras stop rolling.

Withdrawn offers a compelling insight into a country living with conflict, revealing how daily life continues on, during and beyond the latest headlines.

The exhibition will run at the multi award-winning IWM North, part of the Imperial War Museums in Manchester between 21st February and 6th September.

The exhibition details everything from the bustle of lively market streets and life changing influence of school and social projects, to the tragic impact of daily explosions in major cities.

Created and compiled by journalist and reportage illustrator George Butler, the collection features work drawn live in situ, in varying locations across Afghanistan. It will also reveal life among the general populace in the weeks following the withdrawal of combat troops.

The collection will feature Butler’s film and photography, alongside more than 20 pen and ink drawings created in both dangerous urban locations and remote rural settlements.

Speaking on his time in Afghanistan, George Butler said: “The three weeks I spent in Afghanistan in November and December 2014 were the start of a continuing diary of violence.

“These drawings purposefully show life a pace back from the violence: people washing for prayers, shopping, farming, building, learning and living.’

For more information call IWM North on 0161-836 4000 e-mail or visit      

Picture credit: Withdraw at IWM North, George Butler and the Pulitzer Centre.

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