Kew Palace unveils its royal kitchens

Date Posted: 21/12/2011

Kew Palace is set to unveil its royal kitchens to group visitors next summer. Promising a fascinating insight into Georgian culinary life, the kitchens are untouched since Queen Charlotte’s death in 1818, and as such are remarkably preserved.

Visiting groups will have the opportunity to see where the food for the royal table was prepared and cooked; learn about the people who worked there; and read about the variety of food that was served up.

Kew Palace opens on the 1st April, and for the first time will welcome pre-booked groups wishing to visit out of season. The palace was the favourite family home of King George III, Queen Charlotte and some of their 15 children. Groups can discover the dramatic stories of their royal life and explore the intriguing rooms, with guided tours also available.

For further information or to arrange a group visit to Kew Palace, telephone:
020-8332 5648 or e-mail

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