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Kew Gardens launches 2013 summer event highlights

Date Posted: 04/12/2012

Kew Gardens has announced two major events for next summer: a Rory McEwan art exhibition and a series of horticultural installations.

Influential botanic work

Rory McEwan: The Colours of Reality will run from 11th May until 22nd September.

McEwan was a renowned artist and musician, and the summer exhibition gives group visitors the chance to see some of the botanical and creative work from the late artist.

Kew will showcase works loaned from his family and private collectors, and pieces span from the 1950s to the early 1980s.

His style is scientifically precise and focuses on the watercolour presentation of flowers and plants.

Incredible edibles

Kew Gardens also presents a series of exhibits which showcase a vast number of edible plants and fungi for visitors to enjoy. This will run from 25th May until 3rd November.

Group visitors can enjoy horticultural installations, special events, activities and workshops which will be used to celebrate and explore the delicious diversity of wild edibles.

Many of these plants are found in Kew Gardens, from vegetables in the Palm House, to coffee in the Princess of Wales Conservatory. You can also see the Global Garden, the Grass Garden, and Kew’s Plant Family Beds.

Group travel to Kew

Group travel organisers will find various tours around Kew Gardens, as well as enjoying the main exhibitions.

Group rates are available for each of these summer events.

For further group travel information visit

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