Keukenhof announces The Golden Age theme for 2016

Date Posted: 09/10/2015

From the 24th March to the 16th May, the theme of Keukenhof gardens in Amsterdam will be The Golden Age in reference to the time in which the tulip trade first thrived in the Netherlands.

A new 250 square meter flower mosaic will be created todepict trade, shipping and Amsterdam’s canal houses, using two layers of 100,000 tulips, muscaris and crocussus.

The theme The Golden Age also refers to the period when the Netherlands went through a blossoming period in the trade, arts and science fields.

The theme will also be an inspiration for various flower shows in the Oranje Nassau Pavillion, one of Keukenhof’s indoor areas.

Group packages are available at the gardens that include guided tours and boat trips.

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