Henry Stuart exhibition at London’s NPG

Date Posted: 30/08/2012

London’s National Portrait Gallery will be home to new exhibition, The Lost Prince: The Life and Death of Henry Stuart, from the 18th October until the 13th January.

Promoted as the first exhibition to look at the life of Henry, Prince of Wales (1594-1612), the display will focus on a remarkable period in British history – a time dominated by a prince whose death at a young age precipitated widespread national grief, and led eventually to the accession to the throne of his younger brother, the doomed King Charles I.

As well as paintings, a large selection of drawings, manuscripts, books, armour and other artefacts associated with the prince, The Lost Prince: The Life and Death of Henry Stuart will illustrate the artistic and creative community that developed under his patronage.

The exhibition will include some of the most important works of art and culture produced and collected in the Jacobean period, including portraits by Holbein, Nicholas Hilliard and Isaac Oliver, masque designs by Inigo Jones, and poetry by Ben Jonson in his own hand.

Private talks and tours for groups

Bring your group to the gallery and take part in a private tour of the collection or an exhibition talk with specialist historians, artists and art historians.

For further group travel information contact:

020-7312 2483

Photo credit: Prince Henry and Robert Devereux, 3rd Earl of Essex by Robert Peake, c. 160.  The Royal Collection Photo: Supplied by Royal Collection Trust / © HM Queen Elizabeth II 2012

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