Guided tours of Portcullis House

Date Posted: 14/04/2011

Groups can now enjoy a guided tour of Portcullis House and its works of art, as the home of the House of Commons contemporary portrait collection opens its doors for two days a month from May to July.

The 75-minute tour will enable visitors to view the only new building commissioned by Parliament since the Palace of Westminster in the 19th century. Designed by British architect Michael Hopkins, Portcullis House was officially opened in 2001, providing offices for MPs and their staff. Its art collection records leading Parliamentarians in paintings, works on paper and photographs, reflecting a diversity of styles and approaches by leading UK-based artists over the past 50 years.

Tours of Portcullis House will cost £10 per person for groups of ten or more, with further details and reservations available from Ticketmaster.

For further information telephone: 0844-847 2498 or log onto 

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