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Guided tours of NASA’s Launch Control Center

Date Posted: 18/06/2012

Visitors to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida this year will be allowed rare access inside NASA’s Launch Control Center, in a special behind-the-scenes tour added as part of the space centre’s 50th anniversary.

The Launch Control Centre (LCC) is where NASA directors and engineers supervised all of the 152 launches for the space shuttle and Apollo programme.

Those enjoying a group holiday in Florida can now book the LCC tour through to the end of 2012, with a limited number of daily tours.

Led by a trained space expert, this guided tour for groups will offer an insider’s view of the space programme, from preparation to lift-off.

Visitors can explore Firing Room 4, one of the LCC’s four firing rooms, and the one from which all 21 space shuttle launches since 2006 were controlled.

View the main launch countdown clock and enter the ‘bubble room’ with its wall of interior windows through which the management team viewed the proceedings below. The tour also includes drive-by views of Launch Pad 39 and culminates at the Apollo/Saturn V Center.

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