Frogmore’s public opening

Date Posted: 30/03/2011

Groups can take the opportunity to visit Frogmore House and Garden, set in the private home park of Windsor Castle, as it opens to the public from 17th to 19th May for the annual Charity Garden Open Days, and from 6th to 8th August.

Built in the 17th century and purchased for George III’s consort, Queen Charlotte, Frogmore has since been a tranquil, country residence for successive monarchs. While it is no longer an occupied royal residence, it is frequently used by the royal family for private functions.

Groups can explore Frogmore’s interior, with its decoration reflecting Queen Charlotte’s passion for botany. Victoria, Duchess of Kent resided at Frogmore for almost 20 years, and works by her and her daughter, Queen Victoria, are on display in the house. Watercolours by Queen Victoria’s daughters, Princesses Victoria and Louise can also be seen.

Visitors to the gardens during the open days can enjoy views of Queen Victoria’s Tea House, the white marble Indian Kiosk, and the 18th century lake.

For further information or to arrange a group visit, telephone: 020-7766 7305 or e-mail

Credit photographer Philip Craven - The Royal Collection© 2011, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.



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