Experiment at MOSI

Date Posted: 22/12/2010

Manchester’s Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) has recently reopened its interactive science gallery, Experiment! with 20 innovative new interactives and many old favourites.

Visiting groups can now stare into the mirror of infinity, spin the turbulence zone, or watch your own skeleton ride a bike. Some of the most amazing facts about science in everyday life are explained in this fascinating interactive gallery, where you are encouraged to have fun while you see, hear, feel and smell science in action.

Old favourites include the Mini which can be lifted by a small child thanks to the simple power of gears, and the tornado machine. You can see bubbles passing through giant columns of coloured liquids to demonstrate viscosity, learn how many of the city’s homes can be lit by using rubbish as power, and measure your reactions against the speed of light or the flapping of a fly’s wings.

GTOs planning a group visit to MOSI can take advantage of an organised itinerary, a welcome pack, and discounted tickets to special exhibitions.

For further information, telephone: 0161-606 0177 or log on to www.mosi.org.uk

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