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Experience exceptional wildlife on a Super Secret Safari

Date Posted: 06/09/2012

Discover remote, off the beaten track destinations and experience exceptional wildlife on a Super Secret Safari with TripAfrica.

The Africa specialist has unveiled a selection of small group trips to Zambia, visiting three very different and remote areas on a Super Secret Safari.

These safari holidays aim to immerse special-interest groups in their own private Africa, with a variety of wilderness and wildlife experiences for parties of up to eight people.

Liuwa Plains National Park: This five day fly-in safari enables groups to experience the migration of wildebeest and zebra in Liuwa Plains National Park, western Zambia. Bordering Angola, the little flood-plain park is cut off from everywhere for many months each year.

North Luangwa National Park: Sitting above and beyond its more famous sister park, conservation is key at North Luangwa National Park, where groups can see its population of black rhino. A seven-day traditional mobile safari transverses this pristine wilderness.

Kasanka National Park: Every November one of the largest congregations of mammals anywhere in the world occurs in this little known National Park. Located up against the Congolese border, the privately managed park is hidden away off the beaten tourist trap, and home to the spectacle that is the straw coloured fruit bat migration. Groups can experience this annual phenomenon on a five-day safari.

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