Exhibition remembers WWI Christmas truce

Date Posted: 05/01/2015

The Greater Game exhibition at the National Football Museum in Manchester pays tribute to football’s role at home and on the front during World War One.

The display will also explore the fact and fiction behind the famous Christmas Truce matches as well as commemorating the sacrifices made by players from clubs across the land.

Poignant stories include the controversy surrounding the continuation of the 1914/15 football season during hostilities to players of the ‘Footballers Battalion’ who fought and died.

Kevin Moore, National Football Museum director said: “Even in some of the world’s darkest times, the love of football and the spirit of the game continues. This is captured beautifully in The Greater Game with never before seen film footage and first-hand accounts.

“I’m thrilled that we can commemorate those footballers who gave the greatest sacrifice for their country through artefacts, stories, archive cinema footage and personal accounts.”

Groups can visit the Greater Game exhibition from now until 6th September.

For more information on group tours to the ww1 exhibition, visit www.nationalfootballmuseum.com.

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