English Heritage properties mark wartime anniversaries

Date Posted: 31/01/2015

English Heritage reveals more military history for groups to uncover at Kent properties Dover Castle and Walmer Castle and Gardens.

Fortress Dover

During World War One, the Dover area was officially designated as a ‘Fortress’ containing a garrison and training camps for over 10,000 men. The castle was the military HQ.

After work to repair the buildings and recreate the interiors the original Fire Command Post and Port War Signal Station in Dover Castle open from May to tell the story of their role in the war and their wider significance in Dover’s wartime story.

Waterloo marked at Walmer Castle and Gardens

The Duke of Wellington’s room will undergo a redesign this spring, for the first time since 1934, to make it a more faithful depiction of the place where the hero of Waterloo died.

Displays will explore his career, the story of his death, the state funeral and the 'celebrity' status he attained during and after his life.

For more information visit www.english-heritage.org.uk

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