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Dome of discovery adds to restoration project at York Minster

Date Posted: 09/11/2012

York Minster cathedral has launched a new ‘dome of discovery’ and related exhibition, as part of its York Minster Revealed restoration project.

The Orb at York Minster will be located in a specially built elliptical orb which will sit in the east end of York Minster for three years – a contemporary setting for one of the best surviving examples of medieval art in the world.One of the largest elements of the project, it showcases the stained glass within the Great East Window, created by John Thornton in the early 15th century.

The minster has also opened a new viewing space offering the opportunity to see the stained glass up-close, whilst it is being restored. 

Group travel organisers can take parties to see The Orb at York Minster until 20th April.

About the York Minster Revealed project

As part of the York Minister Revealed project, groups are invited to explore new audiovisual and interactive galleries illustrating the epic stories and craftsmanship of the East End part of the cathedral.

Cutting-edge science will meet ancient craftsmanship to introduce multi-media galleries and displays of historic collections with interactive interpretation.

In addition, improved access to the South Transept, Undercroft, Treasury and Crypt aims to transform the experience of visiting York Minster.

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