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Dave Spikey set to deliver punchlines

Date Posted: 14/01/2015

The comedian and comic writer made a household name by his portrayal of Jerry “The St” Sinclair in Peter Kay’s hit series Phoenix Nights, will be reprising the role as part of his Punchlines tour.

Punchlines derive their humour from being unexpected. So, can a joke or funny story still make you laugh like a drain when you have been given the punchline beforehand?

Dave believes so and in his new show he will dissect the classics; from nuns in baths to Prince Charles’s fur hat to that lion walking in a pub.

Punchlines opens on 8th March in Salford at the Lowry. Dave will be visiting venues across the UK including Rochdale, Cheltenham, Stoke on Trent, Hull and Leeds before his last show at the Grand Opera House in York on 7th May.

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