Bronze Age exhibition at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall

Date Posted: 15/04/2012

2012BC: Cornwall and the Sea in the Bronze Age is a new exhibition now open at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall.

Inviting organised groups to step back in time more than 4,500 years, visitors will have the opportunity to view a variety of rare objects never before seen in the UK, and witness the live reconstruction of a prehistoric boat.

A central part of the exhibition, this reconstruction will be built to scale using replica tools, such as bronze axes. Stitched together with yew tree fibres and moss as caulking, groups will be able to find out more about the processes behind building a sewn boat, examine the seaworthiness of such vessels, and understand how it was built and sailed.

2012BC: Cornwall and the Sea in the Bronze Age is now open until the 30th September. Those organising group travel to the NMM Cornwall for parties of ten plus can take advantage of discounted rates, fast-track entry, and specialised tours. 

For further group travel information telephone: 01326-214557 or e-mail

Photo credit: The Nebra Sky Disc, the oldest representation of the cosmos anywhere in the world. Nebra Sky Disc © State Office for Heritage Management and Archaeology Saxony-Anhalt, Juraj Lipták. 

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