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British war portraits at RAF Museum London

Date Posted: 17/06/2011

The Royal Air Force Museum, London, is marking the 10th June re-opening of its art gallery with the installation of an exhibition of portraits by renowned wartime artist Eric Kennington.

Running until May 2012, Portraits of the British at War, 1940-45, by Eric Kennington (1888-1960) will present works covering all of the armed services, the auxiliary services, London Transport and some notable civilians. The exhibition seeks to re-assess Kennington’s contribution to British war art, and to acknowledge his standing as one of the great British portraitists of the 20th century.

Parties of ten or more people planning a visit to the museum can take advantage of group packages and guided tours.

For further information or to book, telephone: 020-8358 4896, or log onto

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