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Bloodthirsty new feature at Edinburgh Dungeon

Date Posted: 25/01/2011

Sawney Bean: Cave of the Cannibals is a brand new feature opening at the Edinburgh Dungeon next month, introducing the bloodthirsty tale of the Sawney Bean clan.

Sawney Bean and his 48-strong incestuous brood held a reign of terror over the Scottish highlands in the 1500s. Travellers who fell afoul of Bean’s pack were brutally murdered, robbed of their earthly goods and devoured. Armed soldiers sent out on a search party, put a bloody end to the episode after discovering their lair littered with human remains, and the Bean clan were sentenced to agonising deaths.

Sawney Bean: Cave of the Cannibals uses live actors and combines special effects and scenery, challenging visiting groups to become the soldiers of King James VI and end the Bean’s ghastly crimes.

The new feature is scheduled to open on the 13th February. Groups of ten or more people can take advantage of discounted rates.

For further information telephone: 0871-663 1672 or log onto

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