Blenheim Palace open Private Apartments

Date Posted: 23/03/2015

Blenheim Palace are offering visitors an intimate look at Marlborough family life as they open their Private Apartments to the public.

Groups of up to 16 will have the exclusive opportunity to explore the Duke of Marlborough’s Private Apartments in the east side of the Palace. There, visitors can discover the opulence of the rooms in which the Marlborough family have lived for generations, and learn about family life at Blenheim Palace.

On show in the rooms is a mixture of antiques, tapestries and artworks as well as modern living items and family photos. The Mahogany George III dining table set for dinner in the private dining room is surrounded by the 'Arts of War' set of tapestries.

Walking through the bar area, groups will be led to the smoking room, which contains full size tapestries from the Alexandra the Great series that were commissioned by the 1st Duke.

Visitors will also get to explore the cold room, the flower room and see the servant bells as the  tour ventures behind-the-scenes into the staff area.

The visitor's book will be on display, turned to the page of Clementine Hozier and Sir Winston Churchill. The signatures are dated directly after the meal that followed their engagement at the Temple of Diana in Blenheim Palace's parkland.

The 30-minute tours are available daily until September.

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