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Birdwatching tours from Northumberland to Nepal

Date Posted: 29/11/2012

Naturetrek has launched a series of Beginners’ Birdwatching Tours, visiting destinations from Northumberland to Nepal and aimed specifically at amateur groups.

Great for special interest groups seeking a birdwatching taster trip, each tour is led by an experienced ornithologist who will help participants learn the rudimentaries. 

Beginners’ birdwatching tour highlights include:

  • The Somerset Levels: Visiting the coastal plains and wetlands of the Somerset Levels, groups can spot pintails, wigeons and starlings; whose weaving murmurations in the sky make for magical viewing.
  • Lesbos in spring: This week-long group holiday visits the Aegean island of Lesbos, renowned for the volume and diversity of its bird migration. Guests will set out daily to pools, marshes and salt pans to identify the migrant birds which stop off on the small island - including herons, waders, buzzards, bee-eaters and olive-tree warblers.
  • Panama - An Introduction to the Birds of Central America: This nine-day group trip visits the Soberanía National Park’s rainforests, with a base in the Canopy Tower lodge, which offers outstanding canopy birdwatching. Panama boasts some of central America’s best birding. Visitors can also look out for trogons, motmots, jacamars and puffbirds in the surrounding jungle.

For further group travel information telephone: 01962-733051 or visit

Photo credit: Catherine Strong

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