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Berlin’s commemorative year recalls the Nazi period

Date Posted: 01/11/2012

Berlin will commemorate one of the darkest chapters in its history with exhibitions, film and art projects, as part of its 2013 theme year titled Diversity Destroyed - Berlin during National Socialism.

Running from the 30th January to 9th November, the theme year marks the 80th anniversary of the seizure of power by the Nazis and the 75th anniversary of the November pogroms.

Centrepiece exhibition at the German Historical Museum

The centrepiece of the theme year will be Berlin at the time of National Socialism - an exhibition at the German Historical Museum.

The key focus of the exhibition will be the year of 1933, when Hitler seized power, the Nazi dictatorship was established, and the cultural diversity of Berlin in the Golden 20s was destroyed.

Groups visiting the museum can view the memorial sites and various projects associated with the theme year, plus a programme of events will be planned.

Open air exhibitions

‘Diversity Destroyed’ will also be visible throughout the city. Squares and streets will be turned into exhibition spaces and temporary memorial sites.

Visiting groups can learn the answers to questions such as, what was everyday life like under the Nazi dictatorship? How did the regime manage to take over? What traces are left today?

Remembrance on the pavement: stumbling blocks

Victims of the Nazi regime are commemorated through ‘stumbling blocks’ by the Berlin-based artist Gunter Demning.

Groups can spot around 4,000 of these blocks throughout the city streets, which carry the name, date of birth and key words indicating the fate of the victims. An internet portal at will provide group travel organisers with details of all the stumbling blocks in Berlin.

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