Behind the scenes at Tower Bridge

Date Posted: 01/12/2012

For a limited period only, Tower Bridge is offering group travel organisers the chance to book tours to take parties to see its ‘inner sanctum’.

The Engineering Tours will take place every weekend during January and March, and will include access to areas that are normally out-of-bounds to the public. Tickets cost £30 each.

Take a tour of Tower Bridge

The tour is divided into two parts, with the first part led by one of Tower Bridge’s guides. It includes an audio-visual exploration of the Tower Bridge Exhibition, which explains the history of the bridge and its construction.

The second part of the tour will be conducted by one of Tower Bridge’s senior technical officers, who will take groups to those areas that are normally off-limits to the public, including the Bridge Control Room.

Golden Legacy exhibition celebrates Tower Bridge’s part in the Jubilee

From raising its bascules for Her Majesty the Queen to pass through at the Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant in June, to displaying the Rings and the Agitos this summer for the Olympic Games, Tower Bridge has been at the forefront of celebrations during 2012.

A new exhibition, running until 30th January, will celebrate this momentous year, with a selection of the most iconic images of the past 12 months.

The Golden Legacy exhibition will run until 30th January, and entry is included in the admission price for Tower Bridge.

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