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Ashmolean exhibition coincides with gallery opening

Date Posted: 13/11/2011

The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford will present an exhibition entitled Unwrapped: The Story of a Child Mummy, to coincide with the opening of its new galleries, Ancient Egypt and Nubia. The display will be running from the 26th November until the 4th March, and will offer visiting groups an intimate glimpse beneath the wrappings of an Egyptian child mummy.

The display will be a culmination of artist Angela Palmer’s four-year journey to discover the story of the boy who died almost 2,000 years, when the Romans ruled Egypt. By drawing details from scans onto sheets of glass, she has recreated the internal architecture of the human form. A sculpture of the mummy child will go on display alongside the mummified body, and films of the scanning.

Completing a second major phase of redevelopment for the museum, the Ashmolean’s six new galleries housing its collections of Ancient Egypt and Nubia, promise to take visitors on a chronological journey through 5,000 years of human occupation of the Nile Valley. Groups will be able to view exhibits which have been in storage for decades, more than doubling the number of mummies and coffins on display.

For further information or to arrange a group visit, telephone: 01865-278002 or visit

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