Profit-making group organisers eligible for GTOA membership

Date Posted: 23/02/2012

Pictured: The issue of Commercial Membership was discussed at January’s GTOA National AGM and conference. Above, left to right: Dennis Chantry, vice chairman of GTOA; Gillian Cruddas, chief executive of Visit York; and Phil Moon, chairman of GTOA, toast to the success of the GTOA conference in York. 

Individuals who make a profit from organising group travel are now eligible to join the Group Travel Organisers Association (GTOA) following the introduction of a third membership category - commercial membership.

Commercial membership will now be available at a fee of £50 plus VAT for group travel organisers who make a profit of less than £4,000 per year from arranging group trips and holidays. Benefits of joining the GTOA include special offers from supplier members, familiarisation visits, availability of organiser liability insurance, membership of a local branch for networking and social events, legal helpline, shared departure opportunities, membership handbook, and a National AGM weekend and trade show.

Commercial membership is suitable for group travel organisers who employ various methods to make a modest profit out of organising group travel, such as inflating the price charged to travellers to give yourself a free place, or for a surplus on the organising cost.

For further information contact Phil Cameron, membership secretary of the GTOA on: 01952-590484 or e-mail

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