Animated exhibition at the Barbican

Date Posted: 12/04/2011

London’s Barbican Art Gallery has unveiled details of its summer exhibition. Watch Me Move: The Animation Show, running from 15th June to 11th September, will present a full range of animated imagery produced over the past 150 years.

The exhibition will bring together industry pioneers, independent film-makers and contemporary artists alongside the creative output of commercial studios such as Walt Disney, Aardman, Studio Ghibli, and Pixar. Featuring more than 170 works, from iconic clips to lesser-known masterpieces, visitors will be guided through the dream-world of the finished film.

Promising an immersive and cinematic environment, the exhibition will be divided into seven thematic sections; Apparitions, Characters, Superhumans, Fables, Fragments, Structures, and Visions. Visiting groups will have the chance to view puppets, stage sets, storyboard drawings, wire-frame visualisations, and background images.

For further information or to arrange a group visit, telephone: 020-7382 7211 or log onto  

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