Activity and guided walking holidays with Ramblers

Date Posted: 06/11/2012

Ramblers Worldwide Holidays has launched its 2013 programme, which includes activity-based world-wide tours for groups.

Group itineraries include the following tours:

Singing for pleasure

This tour runs for four and five nights, and combines music, singing and walking in either Shropshire or the Lake District.

Musical directors Penny Lazenby and Candy Verney will be on the trip to instruct visitors with singing accompanied and a cappella styles of music.

Walking with a camera

This is a four-night break designed to enhance your photographic skills, and is led by professional landscape photographer David Lewns.

Group travel organisers can take their groups to stay in Northumberland or the Yorkshire Dales.

Cooking and walking

This is a week-long holiday in Tuscany, combining guided walking with the opportunity to learn the recipes of regional specialities.

The cooking takes place under the guidance of Chef Cinzia Bonacchi.

Bird watching and walking

These tours are led by bird expert Barry Trevis, and take place over nine days.

Group travellers can choose their own destination on this tour, from choices including southern Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, and Nepal and Chile.

Pedal and walk

Guests can explore Burgundy and the Rhine on these week-long breaks.

You can enjoy leisurely walking and cycling through ancient villages and vineyards, and a tour leader is available for those desiring a structured trip.

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