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A Hurley Burley revue

Date Posted: 17/12/2010

The West End’s Garrick Theatre presents The Hurly Burly Show, running from the 3rd March to 1st May.

Promoted as an all-singing, all-dancing burlesque inspired revue, The Hurley Burly Show initially opened for a limited run earlier this year at the Leicester Square Theatre. Directed by William Baker, the production is choreographed by Ashley Wallen, with musical direction by Steve Anderson.

The Hurley Burley Show stars founder and lead artiste, Miss Polly Rae, an established burlesque soloist and vocalist. Taking the audience on a provocative journey of wit, joie de vivre and celebration of the female form, Miss Polly Rae will be accompanied by her six Hurley Burley Girlys.

For further information or to book, telephone: 0844-412 4650 or log onto

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