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A Christmas party at Hardwick Hall

Date Posted: 07/10/2012

Group Travel organisers are invited to a 1930s style Christmas party at the National Trust’s Hardwick Hall this December.

Running from 1st to 16th December, the event will evoke a 30s style party, while maintaining Christmas tradition.

Step back to the 1930s

The festive day out offers an insight into the sophisticated style of the era. Hardwick Hall will be complete with 1930s décor, as well as festive decorations.

Visitors can also view a variety of 1930s household objects, including cigarette holders, perfume bottles and champagne saucers.

Follow the story of a house party guest

Groups will have the opportunity to follow the story of a guest at the party, while later on viewing the servant’s quarters and kitchen downstairs.

Visitors will witness the staging of a traditional 1930s meal in the hall, and experience the sounds and smells from the era. There is a chance to view the clothing worn in the 30s, and to observe the roles of ladies and gentleman of the period.  

You can also see the ‘below stairs’ activity, observing the preparations for such a party, as well as the success that comes with holding this kind of large social event.

Book a seasonal meal

After exploring Hardwick Hall, guests can enjoy a seasonal meal and a hot drink at the Great Barn restaurant. There is also a shop for gift ideas and stocking fillers.

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