10 group travel ideas: spooky days out

Date Posted: 20/02/2013

Zombie experience days from Wish.

Pictured: zombie experience days from Wish should prove to be a truly terrifying group trip (Photo credit: Wish).

If you know people who would enjoy getting their timbers shivered and their chains rattled, then here are a few ideas for that extra eerie group trip. 

1. Zombie experience days

At secret locations in London, Droitwich, Reading and Warrington, Zombie experience day company Wish, offers groups the chance to face a ‘real-life’ zombie apocalypse.

At the bunker you’ll be briefed, trained and given full instructions on how to tackle the undead; you'll then be provided with three types of weaponry to utilise against the hideous enemy. The Undead Response Unit will then show you techniques to destroy these re-animated rascals.

For 3.5 hours you’ll undertake missions under the watchful eye of your commanders. And you better listen to them – those things they are shouting at you... could save your life.

2. Jack the Ripper tours

There is a selection of walking tours that group travel organisers can choose from, if they want to find out all about the mass murderer of Victorian Whitechapel.

The Jack the Ripper Tour tells the gruesome tale of Jack the ripper, using RIPPER-VISION™ - hand-held projectors which utilise graphic pictures to accentuate the spookiness of the experience.

All of the tour’s guides are described as ‘ripperologists’ and are members of the Cloak and Dagger Club, a theatrical performance team who bring old crime history to life.

3. Farmageddon

Promising to prey on all six of your senses, flaunting your phobias and leaving you a shadow of your former self, Farmaggedon in Lancashire is a temporary (only operating throughout October and early November annually) rustic-themed haunted house.

With a labyrinth of corridors, crypts, caverns and nightmarish scenarios, your group must stick together, keep heading forward and hope that they make their way through the labyrinth, and live to tell the tale.

Horror Camp Live is a scare entertainment experience.

Pictured: Horror Camp Live! is an entertainment experience inspired by horror films such as Friday the 13th (Photo credit: Horror Camp Live!).

Groups can book a designated R.I.P area, which includes a complimentary alcoholic/soft drink on arrival. Themed two-course meals with table entertainment can also be arranged.

4. Horror Camp Live!

If you’re a fan of horror movies, why not stay at Horror Camp Live! located at Hawkshaw Farm Park in Lancashire?

Inspired by movies like The Blair Witch Project, Cabin Fever and Friday the 13th, Horror Camp Live! is a scare entertainment experience which mixes live actors, indoor and outdoor scare attraction environments, dare based challenges and a horrifying story which comes to life in four dimensions of fun fear.

As darkness falls on the campground, campers meet around the camp fire before enjoying a two course buffet style meal while watching one of the latest horror movies, but all is not what it seems, as the terrifying night ahead becomes all too apparent, and Lockjaw - the demented serial killer, makes his presence known.

5. The London Bridge Experience and Tombs

The London Bridge Experience is a fun and interactive tour through the arches of London Bridge exploring the history of the local area and its inhabitants.

Embark on a history lesson into the city's grimy and haunting past, which includes seeing the great fire of London and watching Queen Boudiccia thwart the Romans, before descending into the gothic tunnels under the bridge in the Screamie Award-winning horror that is London Tombs.

The attraction offers a range of group packages including VIP entrance, drinks reception served by zombies, themed food and photos, to exclusive use of the venue.

6. Haunted weekends away

If you want to book a stay in a hotel with a difference then right Haunted Rooms has listings for haunted hotels, haunted castles, haunted inns and other scary places to stay all over the UK and Ireland.

Farmageddon is a temporary ghost house in Lancashire.

Pictured: Farmageddon in Lancashire is a temporary haunted house experience in Lancashire (Photo credit: Farmageddon).

Rather than concentrating on the view from the room or the food, Haunted Rooms focuses on important spooky facts such as how many ghosts a hotel has, which room number the dark shadow can be seen in, and where the transparent figures are seen.

Whether you’re a sceptic or a true believer, this website offers you the chance to possibly experience something paranormal as part of a group trip.

7. The Arundel Jailhouse and Ghost Experience

Located at the end of a hidden passage away from the hustle and bustle of Arundel’s High Street is its Jailhouse. Passing through the iron cell gate and into the lobby, groups can get a real feel for what it would be like to enter a Victorian prison.

By day the prison plays host to its Arundel Ghost Experience. Join the Master on a candlelit tour of the cells, where you can hear stories of some of the ghosts that haunt the prison and the surrounding Sussex area.

The Arundel Ghost Experience is available for large group bookings of over ten outside of normal opening hours.

8. Go on a ghost hunt

Join Haunted Happenings, a paranormal investigation company, for terrifying overnight ghost hunts and paranormal investigations at some of the UK’s most haunted locations.

Haunted Happenings can also arrange private ghost hunts for you, including psychic suppers, overnight ghost hunts or an action-packed ghost-hunting weekend at one of Britain’s most haunted venues.

Another option is a ghost hunting event with Dead Haunted. Run by Most Haunted ghost hunting and paranormal expert Phil Whyman, you can be sure of a particularly spooky group event.

9. The Real Mary King’s Close

This year, The Real Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh marks its tenth anniversary with a programme of one-off special events to thrill group visitors.

Ghost Bust Tours operates in central London.

Pictured: Ghost Bus Tours operates in central London (Photo credit: Ghost Bus Tours).

Go on an underground adventure beneath the Royal Mile, where a warren of hidden closes lie. The decade celebrations provide groups with visiting incentives, including discounted admission rates, free tickets for the GTO and coach driver, and a free familiarisation tour for the group leader.

10.  Ghost Bus Tours

All aboard the ‘orrible omnibus for a ride around the dark side of London. The Ghost Bus Tours’ Routemaster bus has been redesigned to give groups visiting London a real fright.

On-board actors and technical trickery combine to create a scary tour; a creepy conductor provides the commentary for this sinister sightseeing show, revealing haunted palaces, unmarked burial grounds and the skeletons in the capital’s cupboard.

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